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We are a team of digital marketing professionals, content creators, developers, and IT & SEO marketing agency uniting our specialties and knowledge to create exceptional digital marketing strategies for companies to unfold new opportunities, tailored to your company goals and success. TMT is a home of content-driven digital marketing company, and every small, medium and large sizes of business to achieve website visibility.



Brand Strategy

TMT – The Marketing Trendz – Brand Strategy is a procedure of building identity, image and perception of the particular product or service in the consumers mind. Branding is an extensive process including lots of investments in terms of budget and time from the organizations & it is comprises of a bunch of complex branding decisions.
Providing branding and social media packages as affordable digital marketing company based on specific goals like:
• Increasing overall awareness of brand/service
• Developing positive perception through interaction
• Empowering loyalty and advocacy

Brand Positioning

TMT – The Marketing Trendz – Brand Positioning is tied in owning a position in the mind of customers. The position, to be viable, must be something you are energetic about. It must be authentic and something your prospects want and become need for them, it must be pertinent and separate you from your competition.
Brand Positioning is based on following major attributes:
• Target group of customers for your brand being it demographic or attitudinal
• Market Identification & Uniqueness in which group or category your brand is competing and its relevance
• Brand promise what is the most important attributes emotional / rational and value based
• Reason to believe what your brand has to offer for customers as a brand promise

Analyzing Target Audience

TMT – The Marketing Trendz – Analyzing your target audience is an integral part of your digital marketing and advertising strategy, with specific audience targeting, you’re more likely to reach consumers interested in your products or services. It likewise diminishes the chances you’ll squander spend on uninterested impressions and help move potential customers down the famous funnel.
In case you’re looking to better target your imminent customers—and quit squandering budget on people who just won’t convert—you’re at the right place.

Growth & Sentiments Analysis

Growth & sentiment analysis is the sort of insights a marketer dreams for. By analyzing the public’s opinion of an event, product or service through analysis of data gathered through various touch points of your business and customer’s interaction. Backed by a developing group of innovative research, sentiment-analysis methodologies and tools by TMT have the ability to considerably improve your ROI — yet numerous organizations are disregarding it while TMT – The Marketing Trendz developed intricate ways to help our customer to analyze data to enhance future marketing strategies including online, offline mediums & social media and how to scale efforts for the benefit of your business growth keeping the brand perception intact.

Brand Analysis & Optimization

Leading growth in present marketplace needs more than applying new technologies. Your strategic marketing plans that guarantee personalized offerings, effortless navigation, and real-time engagement across different channels. This is where we step in. Partnering with TMT (The Marketing Trendz), the leading Digital Marketing agency in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia will help your company secure a visible position in the market and drive your business towards a continuous growth path.

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